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It is a single feeling, which only the oyster can get: you delicately raise the shell which you have just opened, you approach your nostrils... and the sea, alive, is iodized there, powerful! The oyster is not satisfied to evoke you his soil, it transports you literally there. One eats fresh oyster, either powdered with pepper, or sprinkled few vinegar or lemon juice drops peppered and scented shallot. One can also enjoy it finely mijotée. For more than 2000 years, the oyster has stimulated the imagination of in love with the kitchen: in antiquity, the Greeks consumed it already hot, mitonnée with honey. When in Rabelais, it made it fry! Since, the good ideas multiplied:

Oysters on barbecue


Laminated of oysters madeira sauce


Oysters in frost of cucumber


Oysters with japanese sauce


Oysters with the caviar


Oyster soup